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How to be BOLD: Unlocking minds with brain-computer interfaces

| aktualisiert am 28.November 2022 - Innovation 

Ramses Alcaide is the CEO of Neurable and a BOLD innovator. Ramses’ company works on brain-computer interfaces. What makes Neurable different is that they integrate cutting-edge technology into everyday devices like headphones so that people can easily track cognitive diseases over long periods of time or better focus on their mental health. This is Ramses’ success story.

Brain-computer infaces is a technology that records your brain activity and then lets you control different devices like computers. The technology is still in its infancy, Neurable takes first steps towards making it more democratized, to make the technology more ubiquitous. The aim is to help billions of people around the world with this innovation.

Neurable collects brain data by using headphones or earbuds as the method of picking up that data. Essentially, there are two directions that Neurable is heading towards: One is tracking cognitive biomarkers like Parkinson's. Another is to create a system that tracks focus: When a person becomes tired, Neurable can tell them to take a break, so they have more wellness hygiene and that essentially helps prevent issues like burnout and depression. 

Ramses went to the University of Washington, studied electrical engineering, primarily working with prosthetics teams there to create better prosthetic systems. He then did his PhD at the University of Michigan in Neuroscience. That's what motivated him to spin his company out and really try to create everyday brain-computer interfaces.

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